Animals in Action: Episode 3

Hello, everyone! Sorry for the delay by the way. I was a bit busy, as you know. Now, first things first: The Animal of the Month is the Giant Panda! So let’s get started!


Fact Profile

  1. Scientific name: Ailuropoda Melanoleuca.
  2. Also called: Panda Bear or just a Panda.
  3. Description: A humongous bear with black and white stripes and sharp teeth to rip up the bamboo. They look so cuddly!
  4. Feeds on: Bamboo, different kinds of grass, meat such as birds, rodents, and carrion. Sometimes, if they are kept in sanctuaries or zoos, their diet might also contain honey, eggs, fish, yams, oranges, etc.
  5. Most importantly, why are they endangered?
    According to me, almost every animal is endangered due to deforestation, pollution, poaching, etc. Where are your hearts, people?
  6. Where are they found?
    They are native to China. Somewhere in the South, I guess.
  7. Some fun facts:
    ⊕ A group of pandas is called an “embarrassment”.
    ⊗ Keeping a single panda in the zoo alone is very expensive.

    ⊕ They are SERIOUSLY on the verge of extinction. And by that, I mean that there approximately only 1,000 pandas left in the entire world.
    ⊗ Pandas have lived on Earth for approximately two or three million years.

    All this is very much fine, But how can we help?

    This is super simple. You just have to click these bright blue words and you’d land on a website by WWF. Do I have to tell you all the same thing all the time? You lot don’t pay heed, do you? Just kidding, obviously. Do whatever you may, listen to me now. Oh, and please don’t waste paper.


Some information is taken from other web sites and some pictures do and do not belong to me. Hope to type again soon and guess what? Tomorrow is Neville Longbottom’s birthday i.e. 30th of July! 🙂




Animals in Action: Episode 2

Hello, people! Today is the time for the next episode of Animals in Action! And, the Animal of the Month is WILD CATS! Today, I’ll be focusing on the Black Panther. An image:


Wild Cats Fact Profile:

  1. Scientific name: Panthera Onca.
  2. Also called: Panthera Onca (Mostly by scientists).
  3. Description: The name “Black Panther” refers to any big cat with a black coat. 
  4. Feeds on: The Black Panther feeds on deer, antelopes, wild boars, wild hogs, etc. by sitting on trees (just like a Leopard) and waiting for prey to pass by and then, they attack from their hiding place! They also eat rabbits, birds, reptiles and insects!
  5. Most importantly, why are they endangered?
    Black Panthers are getting endangered along with their habitats. The greatest threat to them is us, humans! 😦  The other reasons include deterioration of habitat, etc.
  6. Where are they found?
    Black Panthers live in areas with dense rain-forests. They live in Central Asia, India, China, Africa, while Black Jaguars are found in Latin America.
  7. Some fun facts:
    ⊗ Black Panthers can adapt to almost any habitat! But unfortunately, we humans are destroying most of the habitats for our own good. 😥
    ⊕ These animals’ adults weigh from 100-250 pounds and grow to the height of 7-8 feet! 🙂 Aren’t they amazing?
    ⊗ Black Panthers have black spots on their fur! It may not be very distinguishable, but they have black spots which you can see if you look a bit closer.
  8. Basically, Black Panthers are not known very well.
If you look a bit closer, you’ll see the spots on it’s fur!

The few steps that can save a Black Panther….

  • Support WWF. Obviously, you have to sign in first.
  • Stop pollution. I’m not asking you to take a broom and get to work! But start with small things, of course! (But obviously, you can do the cleaning first if you like 😉 )!
    It’s SO true!

    DividerErraticSo, thank you for reading all of this! I hope to post the next episode soon!

P.S- The images do not belong to me and some information is taken from the Internet. Bye!



World Environment Day!

Hello, and sorry people for not blogging for soooo long. I SERIOUSLY regret having not posted anything for so long but, you know, I’d gone for a vacation so…… you get the idea. Anyway, an announcement. Since I cannot post an AIA (Animals In Action) every single week (If I’m busy), I’m going to be posting the blog post every month. But, the more exciting part is that today’s World Environment Day!! So, this post is all about Environment and how we can preserve it. So let’s begin!


Okay, now we discuss how we have to preserve the environment. Let’s start with the different kinds of pollution and what we can do:

Air Pollution:

According to me, air pollution is very dangerous as it contaminates the air and might cause some people difficulty in breathing. Many factories let out dangerous gases which can harm us and many other living beings. The gases can also mix with the water vapour which, when it precipitates, might turn into acid rain! So you get the connection and actually how dangerous air pollution can get. Also, cars and other vehicles let out smoke so what we can do is get your emission test done. Some people have breathing problems such as Asthma, wheezing and Bronchitis. We can also plant more trees and plants which act as air fresheners and help to clean the air.

We obviously don’t want that!

Land Pollution:

This is the most common one. Disused non-biodegradable materials are usually thrown in landfills and that is where the problem is. So you must be wondering whether we can do something about this one, but this the easiest thing you can do! Obviously, many of you know, but for the ones who don’t, you must know the three ‘R’s. They stand for, ‘Reduce’, ‘Reuse’ and ‘Recycle’, which means that if there are any things at your home which can be reused, such as plastic bottles, shoe boxes, tissue/toilet paper rolls, etc. you can always make them into the one thing you’ve always wanted and more ideas on YouTube of course! You can also use cloth bags instead of the plastic ones and while surfing on the Internet, I saw that there was going to be an alternative for plastic after a few months or years! It’s just so amazing! But what is it? Well, it’s kind of edible, and it’s made of water! They look like water orbs and they are so much fun to even look at!

(Sorry, couldn’t find a picture).

Water Pollution:

Water Pollution is sooo frustrating! Firstly, even if we have 71% water on our dear Earth, most of it’s sea water! And even after knowing that, if we continue to do this, it’ll be a big problem! So basically, try using less water for water you do. For, example, while brushing you teeth, we can turn it of when not in use. I know many of you already know most of this (Actually all of you), but I’m trying to remind you and help you actually do it 🙂 .


Light Pollution:

So this one’s interesting. I bet light pollution is not very well known but that’s not the point. Light pollution is when you can’t see the night sky filled with brightly coloured stars but just see a few stars that shine very weakly against the dark night sky. That happens when the street lights project light upwards whereas, they should be projecting light downwards. We can turn off the lights and fans when not in use as there is nothing we can do about the street-lights. Let’s just do what we can do before it becomes so rare that we are extremely surprised at the sudden appearance of so many stars.


Visual Pollution:

Right. So, what is Visual Pollution? Anything that spoils the natural view of an area. Something that looks ugly or depressing or blocks a kind of view. Imagine that you live near a beautiful hill. But one fine day you find out that a few builders are building a tall skyscraper just before the beautiful lake you like to see everyday from your garden/balcony. Basically, (If I’m moving away from the topic, kindly forgive me. I do that a LOT.) the skyscraper is an unpleasant sight for you. Similarly, anything such as old houses, graffiti on trees, rocks etc. are examples of visual pollution. The one and only way is to stop doing it and if you are not doing it, it’s already a step towards a green and clean world.

(Neither could I find for this one!)

Thermal Pollution:

There is not much we can do about this, but I’ll just tell you about  it. It is the rise of temperature caused due to humans. Due to this, now the animals are starting to get smaller as large animals will not be able to survive the heat for too long.

Noise Pollution:

Obviously all of you will understand this by the name. Any unpleasant noise which disturbs or annoys any living thing is called noise pollution. Example: The noise of aeroplanes taking-off and landing, very loud music during parties, etc., noises from construction sites, etc. DividerErratic

Now I think I’ll add one last thing before saying ‘Bye!’ to all of you. This thing is about Harry Potter and you must be wondering how it is related. Today is Draco Malfoy’s birthday 🙂 . He wasn’t as bad as we had expected him to be after all! So I think he deserves a birthday wish 😉 ! So write to you soon on my next post on AIA!! Bye!!



I still didn’t forget.

A little information is taken from and images do not belong to me.

Animals in Action: Episode 1

Hello, world! I thought I’d got enough opinions from many bloggers and thought it’d better start. I thought I should write about red pandas as asked by Mukta in the comments of A New Series. So, here it goes! Nonononono, but first, a picture….

red panda.jpg
Isn’t it soo cute?

Red panda fact profile:

  1. Scientific name: Ailurus Fulgens.
  2. Also called: Lesser panda, red cat-bear, red bear-cat, firefox.
  3. Description: It has reddish-brown fur, a long, shaggy tail, and a waddling gait due to its shorter front legs; it is slightly larger than a domestic cat. It is an endangered species and is a squishy, little omnivore.
  4. Feeds on: Eggs, insects, birds, bamboo, fruits, roots and small mammals.
  5. Belongs to: Bear  and raccoon family. It is an arboreal animal, which means it spends most of its time on trees, etc.
  6. Most importantly, why are they endangered?
    Interesting question. Well, the reason is, poaching, habitat loss, inbreeding depression, fragmentation, and the worst thing is that, this happens even though laws are passed down for the protection of red pandas in their range countries. Come to think of it, poachers probably  obviously won’t follow the rules. AND, there are lesser than 10,000 mature individual red pandas left in the world. You might think that there are enough to see the next time you go to the zoo or you are in an open jeep on a safari to spot red pandas, but no!! Of  course, that is the number of all of them (except the babies of course, but you do understand, don’t you?) on the globe alive till date 😥 !! Don’t you feel bad for these cute, innocent and squishy little critters?
  7. Where it’s found: These furry critters are found in the temperate forests of the Himalayas and the foothills in western Nepal to China in the east. Its range includes southern Tibet, Sikkim and Assam in India, Bhutan, the northern mountains of Burma, and in south-western China, in the Hengduan Mountains of Sichuan and the Gongshan Mountains in Yunnan.red_panda_range
  8. Some fun facts:
    → Red pandas like to stay alone.
    → Their habitat is in decline…. and that’s mostly the reason THEY are dying down!! The loss of trees and bamboo in the Eastern Himalayas—the location of almost 50% of the red panda’s habitat is the reason of this great loss to those  cute furballs.
    → Red pandas have an extra thumb which they use to grab the bamboo reeds.
    → Red pandas can hide their claws whenever they want.

    red panda 2
    It’s cute and obedient, this one.


Steps to be taken to prevent their extinction:

I talked soooo much about their lifestyle, habitat, etc. but the main thing is to prevent their disappearance from the globe. How to do it, though? Here goes!

  •  Adopt a red panda! This sounds insane, doesn’t it? But wake up red panda-lovers! You can adopt a red panda now at Red Panda Network! Nope. I’m NOT kidding. It’s true.
  • Support WWF! Yes! They have a site on all kinds of endangered species!!
  • Grow up to be a Zoologist? Think I’m being stupid, right? well I’m going to be one when I grow up! You can do it to!
  • And the most sensible thing is, stop pollution! Even if you don’t live in the Himalayas or anywhere you may even stop any other poor little animal from dying or falling ill. Animals in Action is not only about exotic, wild or interesting animals, but also about small animals which most people think are boring. Don’t I have a point?
    red panda 3.jpg
    Meet Lily, she’s just come to this world.

    I hope you enjoyed episode 1 of Animals in Action because there’s lot’s more to come! Also, you can name an endangered animal you like and probably it’ll be ‘The Animal of the Week’! In other words, it’ll be selected for the next endangered species in the next Animals in Action episode.
    The photos are picked from the Internet and do not belong to me. 

    red panda 4.jpg
    Three little red pandas feeding on a bamboo. All of them will always listen to Mama red panda.

Hope to blog again soon! Bye!



I still didn’t forget the ultimate full stop.

A Trip to a Garden…

Hello! I had gone to a garden  and here are the pictures taken. Hope you like them!

These were the trees around:


IMG_20170326_181458 (1).jpg

IMG_20170326_181630 (1).jpg

And this is the sunset sky:


Though this garden is located in some extremely hot, desert-like climate area, the plants grew merrily there. And the sunset: what a landscape! The sky was ruby red except that cameras can’t capture that scene. 😦  And the sprinkler (you know, the device that waters the lawns) sort of things were on at the twilight hour because of some great philosophy which says that in the morning, if the sprinklers are turned on then, due to heat the water would evaporate before photosynthesis. Hence, the sprinkler, if turned at twilight, would keep the plants cool all night. Did I annoy you? I guess I did. But kindly do not mind. Also,the tree in between with the most number of flowers is looking so beautiful, isn’t it? With the white flowers in full bloom. I loved the visit to this garden. Did you enjoy my lecture  description or was it too nerdy? Farewell until next time! 😀